About Pete

A few tidbits about Pete...

Pete Gregory


I began my journey into the web when I was introduced to WordPress back in 2008. I have become quite proficient with HTML, CSS, JS and a bit of php for WordPress. I'm also well versed in SEO and often dabble with creating promo videos for local companies. I'm also a FAA Certified Remote Pilot for small, unmanned aircraft

I'm super passionate about web development and much of my free time is spent learning. However, nothing is more important than my wife, family and friends.

Four Chord Digital Marketing

Primary Web Developer

I'm currently working as the primary web developer for Four Chord Digital Marketing. Four Chord is owned by my son, Peter Gregory and specializes in PPC advertising, SEO, web dev and provides solutions for a variety of digital marketing challenges.

Gregory Real Estate Group

Manage Website, Content Creation and SEO

Gregory Real Estate Group is owned by my second oldest son, Matt Gregory. I built and manage the company website and I remain hyper focused on content creation and of course, SEO, both globally and locally.

My Own company

Assist Start Online Services

I perform freelance web services directly for small business owners and I'm a goto resource for other marketing and design agencies. My diverse skill set has proved beneficial for many agencies, again and again.